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Classroom grow kits
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Tree Species Choices
National Science Education Standards were used to develop this excellent classroom project for Life Science teachers. Appropriate for a wide range of grade levels, from emergent readers through middle school and beyond.This 100% guaranteed Classroom Pack includes everything needed for a fantastic, hands-on class project in germinating trees from seed! The Classroom Pack includes 24 individual, self-contained Student Grow Kits; 24 Full-color Student Handbooks which provide a detailed overview of the life cycle of a tree, plus step-by-step germination instructions which lead students easily through the entire germination process using their Grow Kits; a Teacher's Guide; Tree Species Information; plus convenient Name Labels for students to use to identify their Grow Kits. The Classroom Packs are available stocked with various tree seed. We've pre-selected four great trees that grow in wide ranges across North America: Jerusalem Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, and Red Maple. Choose the species best suited to your region. If you have a specific tree in mind, please contact Jonsteen. We may be able to stock your classroom kits with an alternative tree species of your choice. TEACHING OBJECTIVE: The objective of this project is for students to explore, observe, and experience the birth of a tree (tree seed germination), to recognize the properties of a germinating seed, and to understand this phenomenon as part of a system – the life cycle of a tree – which is influenced by specific environmental conditions found in nature. Further, the project is designed to engage students through an active learning experience, to excite them with a growing knowledge and understanding of the natural world around them. The Grow Kits used in this project, along with the excellent Student Handbooks, have a rich explanatory power, and offer students a meaningful learning experience which is fun, engaging, and intended to lead to a life-long appreciation of trees, natural processes, and life science. Perhaps best of all, this project will provide each student with a live tree with which they can be involved for the rest of their lives!